Management Effectiveness Profile (PDF)

MEP-PDF.jpgThe Management Effectiveness Profile can help a manager identify personal strengths and weaknesses within 12 specific competency areas. A manager’s effectiveness is tied to the following competencies, under four clusters:

Managing Your Job:
• Managing and Prioritizing Time
• Setting Goals and Standards
• Planning and Scheduling Work

Relating to Others:
• Listening and Organizing
• Giving Clear Information
• Getting Unbiased Information

Developing the Team:
• Training, Coaching and Delegating
• Appraising People and Performance
• Counselling and Disciplining

Thinking Clearly:
• Identifying and Solving Problems
• Making Decisions and Weighing Risk
• Thinking Clearly and Analytically

The MEP takes around 30 minutes to complete and is designed to help individuals understand more about their relative abilities in the 12 competencies. A total of 144 questions assist individuals in determining their overall competence in each of the dozen areas.

Author: Jon Warner
Publisher: Team Publications
Publication: All Rights Reserved

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