Leadership Effectiveness Profile - 360 (Online)


LEP-OA.jpgAlthough there are different views about what constitutes leadership excellence, it is possible to distil the key themes or broad categories from which most good leaders will draw to a greater or lesser extent. In total, eight categories are identified, and these are:

• Emotional intelligence
• Contextual thinking
• Directional clarity
• Creative assimilation
• Change orchestration
• People enablement
• Reciprocal communication
• Driving persistence


These categories are suggested to be the main factors that constitute the relative effectiveness of your efforts to lead others in a range of different situations. Like other competency instruments, individuals rate themselves on a 1-5 Likert scale in all eight categories in order to build up a rich profile indicating where their strengths and development needs seem to lie. A personalized report with full interpretive notes and development suggestions are provided. The LEP takes around 30 minutes to complete and provides feedback from other individuals like a leader/manager and team members. Competency assessments also come in Self-Assessment and 180 degree formats.  

Author: Jon Warner
Publisher: Team Publications
Publication Date: ©2007 All Rights Reserved

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