Effective Team Communication Storyboard (PDF)

Team Communication CS.jpgThis One Page Coach® Storyboard on Effective Team Communication is a 2-sided document with a storyboard on one side and an application template or other supplemental resource on the reverse.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create an understanding about how information flows up, down and across the organisation.
  • Provide a systematic process to choose the right communication method to deliver the message clearly and efficiently.
  • Demonstrate how to set up a centralised information gathering and dissemination organisation to help communications flow in an optimal manner.

Storyboard Headings

  • Determining what to communicate.
  • Selecting communication methods.
  • Where and when to communicate.
  • Communication feedback.
  • Piloting a communication process.
  • Assessing early results.
  • Developing communication standards.
  • Communication implementation planning.
  • Training in effective communications.
  • Communications post auditing.
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