Effective Meeting Management Storyboard (PDF)

Effective Meeting Management CS.jpgThis Coaching Storyboard is a 2-sided document with a storyboard on one side and an application template or other supplemental resource on the reverse.

Learning Outcomes

  • Show why meetings are not always necessary.
  • Help individuals to manage meetings to achieve an outcome focused conclusion every time.
  • Provide information on individual behaviours in meetings and how to deal with it.

Storyboard Headings

  • Planning a meeting in advance
  • Preparing a precise agenda.
  • Obtaining feedback on draft agenda.
  • Making final meeting preparation.
  • Opening meetings with clarity and purpose.
  • Managing different personality types.
  • Structuring and managing meetings.
  • Developing win/win solutions and outcomes.
  • Summarising and recording decisions.
  • Closing meetings strongly.
  • Meeting post auditing.
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