Effective Coaching Skills Storyboard (PDF)

Effective Coaching Skills CS.jpgThis Coaching Storyboard is a 2-sided document with a storyboard on one side and an application template or other supplemental resource on the reverse.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the four stages of the coaching cycle (Understanding, Assessing, Implementing and Monitoring).
  • Identify your natural coaching style.
  • See how your own and others communication and learning styles can impact on the coaching process.
  • Understand how to build trust and the relationship when you coach.
  • Develop and use a coaching contract to guide your coaching.

Storyboard Headings

  • Understanding your own coaching style
  • Reading the needs of others
  • Analysing the learning styles of others
  • Setting the climate for effective coaching
  • Assessing alternative coaching methods
  • Determining when and where to coach
  • Creating the time and opportunity to coach
  • Finding opportunities to build relationships
  • Encouraging communication and feedback
  • Developing a long term mentoring plan
  • Reviewing and adjusting as you go
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