Organisational Defensiveness and Inertia: A Warner RESULTS Coaching Resource (PDF)

ORG DEFENCENESS CG.jpgIt is easy to form the view that all we generally have to do in order to be successful is to set the right goals and develop the right kind of plans and resources to fit with our strategy, and people will quickly move to implementation mode across the organisation. Unfortunately, in reality, this is rarely the case and many an organisational initiative to make any kind of change happen often flounders on the 'rocks'.

The difficulty with most medium to long-term goals and strategy is that it always represents change of some sort. Although some people welcome change, many will not (at least not immediately) and may engage in various levels of resistance. The resistance may be relatively minor or short-lived at one end of the scale, or quite significant and long-lived at the other. However, for the most part, most people not involved directly in the change will sit somewhere in the middle. As such, the battle is, more often than not, with general organisational inertia.

This booklet looks at the different forms that general organisational defensive and inertia can take and considers a number of ways in which the problem may be overcome.

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