The NCD Five-Step Church Health Process (DVD)

The NCD Five-Step Church Health Process (DVD)

This video training has been developed to assist church health teams to stay focused on the important steps necessary to fully engage in the Natural Church Development (NCD) process in their church. NCD is much more than 'taking a survey' -- NCD is a process to help your church align your ministry with the design God has in mind for your church. It is a great adventure to discover how God has equipped and gifted your church to minister in a unique way in the community in which you are located.

The NCD process will help you diagnose your greatest strengths and weaknesses (maximum and minimum factors) as individuals and as a corporate body. The process will help you re-evaluate your core values, the mission and vision of your church and take strategic steps to cooperate with God's plan to reach your community.

The NCD five-step process is:

  • Prepare -- What can we expect?
  • Diagnose -- Where are we?
  • Plan -- Where do we want to go?
  • Implement -- What do we need to get there?
  • Evaluate -- How did we do?