Making Disciples in a Postmodern Era (Hard copy)

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Christianity in the 21st century is facing a major change that may be as dramatic as the Protestant Reformation. The sobering thought is that ‘business as usual’ may work for a while longer for some but there is a need to begin transitioning our discipleship practices to meet the dramatic changes that are already happening (especially in the West).

‘the message remains the same but the method of expressing the message is constantly changing’

To begin to understand and effectively grapple with this change, we need to retrace the history of Christianity from its very beginning right through to today. We will see how the Church in different eras has outworked the Commission of Jesus to make disciples. Effective discipleship in this new era must start with the Church’s foundational historical beliefs, avoid the latest and greatest trend, and develop a contextualised process consistent with what the Church has done throughout its history.

Finally, church history with a practical discipling edge! Making Disciples in a Postmodern Era by Colin Noyes reviews the ways people have understood discipleship throughout different historical eras of the church. The result is to help readers understand that what we view as ‘givens’ are not necessarily so. This book can help you practice the vibrant disciplemaking of historic Christianity in today’s world.

Robert E. Logan, author of The Missional Journey and The Discipleship Difference

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