Making Disciples Coaching Storyboard (Hard Copy)

Making Disciples Storyboard Picture_0.jpgFoundational to the future of the church is the intentional development of disciples whose lives are established on the principles of loving God, loving others and making disciples. Although discipleship is far from a linear process, without a clear pathway many people flounder in their faith and never experience the exciting journey of becoming a disciple and making disciples. The journey set out in this Storyboard will help individuals walk through the process of connecting, growing, serving and reproducing as disciples of Jesus.

One Page Coaching Storyboards are designed for those who are responsible for guiding individuals on their learning journey. Designed around a simple one- page structure, Storyboards provide an integrated overview that ensures essential steps have not been missed in the disciple’s development journey.

Storyboard Headings

  • Relationship with God.
  • Life transformation.
  • Responsiveness to the Spirit.
  • Authentic living.
  • Relational involvement.
  • Respect for others.
  • Intentional service.
  • Discerning spiritual openness.
  • Making disciples.
  • Multiplying disciples.


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