The Kingdom Quest (Hard Copy)

kq.jpgThe Kingdom Quest invites every reader, pastor, and church planter to join in the adventure of rethinking church. The authors contend we have focused too much on the process of "doing" church by developing people who attend church services rather than "being" the church and creating disciples who reflect the love, forgiveness, mercy and grace of Christ on the job, in our homes and in our neighborhoods.

It has been said that the church in the western world has been reduced to being a vendor of spiritual goods and services. Whichever church has the best product and environment is the one who wins the loyal support of its constituency. But is this really what the church is supposed to be?

Jesus came because he cared about establishing two great relationships: loving God with everything we have and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus was not about slick slogans, edgy philosophy or being cool.

The Kingdom Quest will force you to rethink who you are and what kind of church we are becoming. Come join the adventure!

Author: Tom Johnston & Mike Chong Perkinson

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