Handling Difficult Conversations as a Coach: A Warner RESULTS Coaching Resource (PDF)

Handling Difficult Conversations CB.jpgAs a coach, we are often asked to work with people who have 'challenging' behaviours. Some of these individuals could be described as 'difficult' to deal with, at least at the outset in the coaching journey, while others may simply be mismatched with their role, leader or peers, resulting in 'acting out' behaviour that may be temporary or short-lived.

Usually, the difficult person we are seeking to coach is someone who is operating from what might be called the negative side of their personality, rather than a deliberate or conscious desire to be difficult, contrary or just plain awkward.

In general, there is great value to be gained when we take the time to try to understand another person's viewpoint. This booklet explores how a coach can effectively engage with these so-called 'difficult people'.

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