Coaching Introverts: Warner RESULTS Coaching (PDF)

Coaching Introverts CB.jpgWould you describe your preferences to be in the first list or the second list?

  • Attuned to external environment.
  • Prefer communicating by talking.
  • Learn best through doing or discussing.
  • Breadth of interests.
  • Tend to speak first and reflect later.
  • Sociable and expressive.
  • Take initiative in work and relationships.
  • Drawn to inner world of thoughts and ideas.
  • Prefer to communicate by writing.
  • Learn best by reflection or “mental practice.”
  • Depth of interest.
  • Tend to reflect before acting or speaking.
  • Private and contained.
  • Focus readily.

If it’s the first list you are an extravert and may seek to coach others in the expectation that the people you are coaching have similar preferences to these. However, as much as half of the population has their preferences in the seconf list and it is therefore wise to better understand these in order to improve our overall coaching effectiveness.

This booklet initially provides answers to 2 questions:

     1. What is an introvert? and
     2. How does an introvert generally relate to the world?

The booklet then goes on to offer some advice on how to coach introverts as a result of this better appreciation. This action-oriented resource therefore presents lots of information about what it takes to coach a person who has the opposite preferences to you as a coach. Apart from presenting information, it also asks practical action questions of you and provides space for reflection, i.e., to write out thoughts and plans for yourself as you apply many of the ideas and skills that are presented.

Author:  Jon Warner
Copyright:  2013-15


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