Church Planter Pathway Storyboard - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

Church Planter Pathway CS_0.jpgChurch Planter Pathyway Storyboard - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)
Storyboards provide a visual "line of sight" through a development topic. This ministry-specific storyboard on Church Planter Pathway addresses the following Development Outcomes and Learning Objectives.

Development Outcomes

  • Prepare potential leaders to grow spiritually and competently in a local church/ ministry.
  • Help potential leaders to focus on connecting with their wider movement.
  • Develop the appropriate skills necessary to assess and develop potential planters.
  • Ensure planters develop the specific steps necessary for planting.

Storyboard Headings

  • Authentic discipleship.
  • Focused ministry.
  • Effective leadership.
  • Shared vision.
  • Strong theological foundations.
  • Assess ministry journey.
  • Develop ministry competencies.
  • Clarify the next stage.
  • Birth of a vision.
  • Begin the planting journey.


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