Change Management Effectiveness Profile -360 (Online)

Change Man OA_0.jpgJust as all living things have to cope with change in their environment on a constant basis, individuals, teams and organizations need to evolve their handling strategies for their inevitably changing conditions and thereby increase their chances for learning from it and even thriving. As the pace of change seems to grow ever faster, in organizational as well as personal life, we need to develop our skills as individuals and as groups. However, we also need to help others to manage their own change challenges. An effective change coping or handling assessment can be a great first step in this journey by providing a diagnostic process for knowing where specific attention should be concentrated. To this end, the Change Management Effectiveness Profile provides a comprehensive process for assessing an individual’s capacity to handle minor or major change. This is done by measuring change management ability in seven categories as follows:

• Proactive thinking
• Preparation for change
• Involving others
• Visualizing the future
• Communicating clearly
• Breaking from the past
• Consolidating new learning

The CMEP takes around 30 minutes to complete and is designed to help individuals understand more about their relative abilities in the 7 competencies. The 360 degree version also provides feedback from other individuals like a leader/manager and team members.

Author: Jon Warner
Publisher: Team Publications
Publication Date: ©2007 All Rights Reserved

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