Cell Church Planter’s Guide

The Cell Church Planter’s Guide

The Cell Church Planter’s Guide provides practical, step-by-step instructions to guide you as you establish a vision, gather a team, start your first cell groups, and launch your first celebration. Through a seven-stage church planting process, Logan and Buller will help you shape your journey to become a thriving cell church. As your church moves through these stages, you will find yourself returning to the hands-on-tools provided to help you as you grow.

This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Filled with keen insight and practical advice, this is THE workbook for those thinking about planting a cell church. As a cell church planter, I’ll be referring to this workbook for a long time to come.
Joel Comiskey, Church Planter, Author and Consultant

This manual is filled with first century principles that can be implemented today. It will guide you through the practical steps necessary to start an expanding cell group church.
Bill Beckham, Consultant and Author of The Second Reformation

Once again, our generation can thank the Father for assigning Bob Logan and Jeannette Buller to provide His guidance for those wishing to plant a cell group church! This is another one of those books you will want to read with a highlighter in hand, and reviewing it two or three times will reveal many things you missed the first time!
Ralph W. Neighbour, Jr., Founder, TOUCH Outreach Ministries

This great resource is the missing link between church planting and church development: Our recent research reveals that church multiplication as well as cell multiplication is a key to church health and growth. Therefore, we not only need existing churches to embrace the cell multiplication approach, but also new churches starting with this paradigm right from the beginning – and multiplying themselves.
Christoph Schalk, Institute for NCD International

There are authors with deep analytical insight. There are others who are famous for their creativity. Others again, are great communicators. But very seldom do all three of these features come together. If this is the case, it must be a tool developed by Bob Logan and Jeannette Buller. Whoever wants to plant a cell-based church, should not miss the analytical depth and creativity of this tool, communicated in a user-friendly way.
Christian A. Schwarz, founder and director of the Institute for Natural Church Development

Bob is Executive Director for CoachNet, President of Strategic Ministries, Inc., and an internationally recognized authority in church planting and church growth. Bob leads seminars, consults and develops innovative strategies for the multiplication of new churches.

Jeannette is on staff with Strategic Ministries and CoachNet. Jeannette consults with churches desiring to start cell groups and/or plant cell churches. She devotes a significant portion of her time researching church growth, leadership, world missions and regional, cross-cultural and urban church planting.