Coaching Booklets

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These Coaching Booklets have been developed to help coaches in their role. Although much of the assistance offered by coaches is in one-to-one discussions, it is often significantly aided by good resources that can help to increase skills, add new knowledge or even change perspectives. In this section there is a selection of coaching resources that have been developed, both for the coach and the coachee.

This brief booklet summarises the reflective listening process and provides simple explanations of each of Carl Rogers four components, and how they can be applied. eResource

Price (Includes GST): $5.50

The booklet aims to offer help in discovering overall career direction, It therefore seeks to offer not only general guidance and advice, but also to offer a range of tips, approaches and methods that are likely to give you greater insight into either your own potential or the possible career paths that you could explore. eResource

Price (Includes GST): $5.50

This 12 page booklet on generational differences in the workplace includes an overview of the four generations currently in the workplace including Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y, and discusses how to manage staff and build relationships across the generational groups. eResource

Price (Includes GST): $7.70

This booklet explores how a coach can effectively engage with individuals often described as 'difficult people'. eResource

Price (Includes GST): $5.50

This summary booklet on Organizational Culture introduces the work of Charles Handy in the area of organizational culture and looks at the four major ones that Handy identifies, and the impact on the workplace. eResource

Price (Includes GST): $11.00

This booklet looks at the different forms that general organisational defensiveness and inertia can take and considers a number of ways in which the problem may be overcome. eResource

Price (Includes GST): $5.50