Beyond 200 (Hard Copy)

Beyond 200.jpgLeading your church beyond 200 in attendance is one of the most difficult challenges a pastor will ever face.

In fact, 80% of all churches have never exceeded 200 in size.  Although the number 200 is not an exact or magical number, it is a fact that most churches experience some kind of plateau before they reach this attendance level.

Many church leaders have the desire to grow, with a vision for making disciples who will impact the community, but lack the information and perspectives to implement this goal. This growth point is quite possibly the most difficult challenge your church will ever face.

Don't face it alone! The Beyond 200: Audio Series gives you the most complete and insightful instruction available on the subject. C. Peter Wagner and Carl George, two of the most respected leaders in the field of church growth, will broaden your perspective and challenge you to embrace a larger vision for ministry than you thought possible.

You will learn:

  • Growth principles that go far beyond the “popular” growth methods and teachings.
  • Guidelines that will help you evaluate the past, present, and future focus of your ministry from a completely new perspective.
  • How to develop the type of leadership and congregation needed to break growth barriers.
  • How to recognize common illnesses that prevent growth beyond 200.
  • How to plan for growth that avoids plateaus.
  • How to mobilise people in a way that expands spiritual care for people.
  • How to open up new channels for growth by better utilising your church's group structure.
  • How to move from a “shepherd” to a “rancher” style of ministry, developing more leaders faster.
  • When and how to make decisions on facilities.
  • How to manage your time and priorities for a greater ministry impact.

About the presenters:

Carl F. George, Director of Leadership for Ministry, is a consultant to some of the largest churches in North America. Carl has worked with over 100 denominations in his consulting ministry. A theorist with unique insight, his books include Leading and Managing Your Church (co-authored with Bob Logan), Prepare Your Church for the Future, How to Break Growth Barriers, Coming Church Revolution and Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership.

C. Peter Wagner, missionary, writer, teacher, and church growth specialist is recognized as a leading author and speaker on Church Growth and Spiritual Warfare. He was the professor of Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Missions for 30 years. He is currently the vice president of Global Spheres, Inc. He has written over 70 books on church growth and prayer which have been an inspiration to pastors around the world.

The Beyond 200: Audio Series was originally recorded in the mid 1990’s and re-edited in 2013. Even though many other leaders have used this material in their teaching series, it is still the most comprehensive Audio Series recorded on the subject of Beyond 200.

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