Assertiveness Style Profile (Online)

Assertive Style-OA_0.jpgThis profile (which takes around 25 minutes to complete) fully integrates with the Conflict Profile in looking at an individual’s assertiveness style. The personalised report of results for this profile plots individual scores in all quadrants of a grid, which reveal their use of four distinct assertiveness styles – these are the styles of Aggressively controlling, Passively observing, Warmly proposing and Firmly asserting. Full interpretation and explanatory notes are also included, for personal action planning and improvement.

The Assertiveness Profile is designed to assist individuals to understand their own personal assertiveness style, preferences and behaviour. This self awareness gives them a framework to determine ways in which to propose how they might make adjustments to achieve better results in the future.

Because everyone has their own unique assertiveness style, there are no right or wrong answers in terms of which individual approach is “best” or more appropriate than any other. People will therefore score in all four broad assertiveness styles, with only one or two being dominant. The profile consequently provides extensive interpretation notes to help better understand the style associated with each of the four quadrants.

Author:  Jon Warner
Publisher: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Publication Date:  ©2007-17 All Rights Reserved

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