Action-learning Booklet: Warner RESULTS Coaching (PDF)

Action Learning CB.jpgAction Learning (originally developed by Dr Reg Revans) is an integrated and sophisticated personal and team development approach that differs significantly from traditional learning methods. In summary Action Learning can be said to be:

  • A highly successful way to approach (and deal positively with) many workplace issues, problems, challenges and goals.
  • A powerful way for leaders to learn from other leaders.
  • A simple yet powerful tool for personal and professional development.
  • A structured networking opportunity with a small group of people whereby a climate is created in which it is normal and natural to ask questions, seek answers, gain support and expect challenge.
  • A process where people become coaches to each other learning with and through people at different organisational levels and with varied backgrounds and experience.
  • The chance to learn from, and be supported by, a skilled facilitator or coach.
  • The opportunity to work on real problems/challenges and implement practical solutions (that hopefully make life better for individuals and the organisation as a whole).

This booklet elaborates on all of the above and suggests how the process can be successful applied by any team or organisation to help to accelerate the overall learning journey.

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