360-Degree On-line Coach Assessment

Online 360 Degree Coaching Assesssment_0_0.jpgThere’s a big difference between hoping you become competent and ensuring that you become competent when it comes to coaching. The 360-Degree On-line Coach Assessment is used to evaluate a coach on Nine Core Coaching Competencies of a Christian Coach. Based on the perspectives of the coach (or a coach-in-training), a supervisor (or a coach- mentor) and two (or more) people being coached, this research-based evaluation tool will allow the coach to view their strengths and possible areas of growth which will help in developing a regular Personal Development Action Plan.

Mastery of certain competencies is necessary for one to be regarded as an excellent coach. The nine coaching competencies fall into three categories: Foundational, Relational, and Strategic. Under each competency the coach must demonstrate more detailed and specific microskills. The assessment determines the overall effectiveness of a coach’s competence. The behavioural dimensions include a numerical rating for each of the nine competencies. This numerical rating is the average of the microskills evaluated.

Guidance to help develop an action plan for coach development can be found in the assessment report. Coaches are encouraged to take future assessments periodically to measure their progress and identify further areas for growth.

How online assessments are Delivered.  After you have purchased an assessment you will receive your login instructions and/or specialized files within the next 24 hours, as soon as the set-up has been completed.


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